ARC:Activity-regulated cytoskeleton-associated protein

Gene Name
Activity-regulated cytoskeleton-associated protein
Protein ID
Chromosome ID
HPP Status
Protein Name
Activity-regulated cytoskeleton-associated protein

activity-regulated cytoskeleton-associated protein


Activity-regulated gene 3.1 protein homolog



activity-regulated gene 3.1 protein homolog

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Chromosomal Position
8q24.3 | Start:142611044 End:142611044

UniProtKB Summary for ARC
Function: Required for consolidation of synaptic plasticity as well as formation of long-term memory. Regulates endocytosis of AMPA receptors in response to synaptic activity. Required for homeostatic synaptic scaling of AMPA receptors (By similarity). Plays a role in the regulation of cell morphology and cytoskeletal organization. Required in the stress fiber dynamics and cell migration

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External IDs
Hgnc ID: 648 EntrezGene ID: 23237 Ensembl ID: ENSG00000198576
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Reference Source

Gene Reference Into Function (GeneRIF)

PubMed IDGeneRIF TextLast Update
17120280Arc/MS2 mRNA assembles into particles that move independently, bidirectionally, and intermittently. These observations identify several phases of Arc mRNA movement that serve as potential points for regulating Arc mRNA localization.2010-01-21
22036569Arc Expression Is Increased in medial frontal cortex of patients with Alzheimer's Disease.2011-12-24
22302811Strong fibrinogen and Abeta deposition is demonstrated in small- and medium-sized vessels, but not in large cerebral arteries, of 24-month-old transgenic arcAbeta mice.2012-03-24
22584581analysis of dynamic, multifaceted control of Arc synthesis during mAchR signaling2012-09-22
22622366we report a novel ARC single nucleotide polymorphism associated with a reduced risk of developing Alzheimer disease.2012-11-17
24945773Degradation of Arc by clathrin-localized Triad3A regulates the availability of synaptic AMPA receptors.2014-08-16
25344068Results show that in response to DNA damage, p53 total levels increase proportionally to the strength of the damage; however, p53 tetramers are formed at a constant rate under the control of ARC protein.2015-02-14
25748042Arc is a flexible multi-domain protein that exists in monomeric and oligomeric forms, compatible with a diverse, hub-like role in plasticity-related processes.2015-07-25
26038830mRNA levels of ARC and SGK1 did not differ significantly between the schizophrenia or control samples.2015-10-31
26380114we propose that the peculiar characteristics of Arc protein, such as its optimal expression after ongoing experience or familiar behavior could explain how familiarization and recognition memories are stored and preserved in the mammalian brain--{REVIEW}2016-04-23
26474411this is the first report associating an ARC SNP with schizophrenia and supports recent large-scale GWAS findings implicating the ARC complex in schizophrenia risk2016-06-04


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